6th February 2016 by The Chambers of Arik & Kamal

Free legal Clinic on 12th february!

A personal invitation from our founders:

Lightning may not strike the same spot twice, but believe it or not Arik Zakri and Ahmad Kamal share the same birth date!
And since we have no medals to pin and no awards to bestow, we've decided to give you what we do best, legal advice... FOR FREE.

In appreciation of our supporters, colleagues and business community, Arik and Kamal have the pleasure of inviting all members of the public to a personally-organised event. On this coming 12 FEBRUARY 2016 and only on 12 FEBRUARY 2016, each of us will be holding a FREE LEGAL CLINIC. It's going to be a one-to-one personalized session so slots will be limited.
Contact us (at 03 8926 1002 or to our personal e-mail addresses) soonest to book your slot to avoid disappointment and to get details of the FREE LEGAL CLINIC.
Tell us what you want to know and get that burning question off your chest (e.g. what are the things to watch out for when buying my first property? when should I engage a lawyer? what can a lawyer do for my business? Help! My yacht and Ferrari have been seized under AMLA!) And we would be happy to advise. We just understand, because... we were clients first!
p.s: we shall not be accepting fees on that day but we would welcome birthday gifts.