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    - ahmad kamal abu bakarKamal hails from Kuala Lumpur and is a graduate of the Ahmad Ibrahim Kuliyyah of Laws, International Islamic University Malaysia. Upon acquiring his LL.B (Hons) in 2006, he chambered with Messrs. Khalek Awang & Associates upon which after he was retained by the firm as a Legal Assistant – which was the first for the firm. He was, two years later entrusted with the helm of the firm’s Litigation Department when he was appointed acting head of the department. He left the good office of the firm a year later to join Telekom Malaysia (“TM”), Malaysia’s leading high-speed broadband and telecommunications provider as Corporate Counsel, providing legal solutions to  TM’s wholesale business and later appointed Manager at TM’s Procurement group to manage the overall contracting and documentation of TM’s many procurement arrangements and agreements.

    Rounded Rectangular Callout: “His dedications and initiatives were appreciated by TM – an appreciation best expressed by the conferment of TM’s Group Leadership Team Award.”

    He joined at a time when TM was fast embarking and expanding its high-speed broadband offerings which entailed numerous and countless negotiations with strategic partners and competitors alike. The countless meetings and negotiations had somewhat fostered a greater sense of appreciation for the often convoluted balance between commerce and law. His dedications and initiatives were appreciated by TM – an appreciation best expressed by the conferment of TM’s Group Leadership Team Award.
    He then furthered his career by joining the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) as Prosecution Officer. No time was wasted as he kicked into high gear to not only acquire a better understanding of prosecution work but also to familiarize himself with securities laws, specifically offences and breaches thereof. His time with the SC allowed him to explore the realm of amongst others, insider trading and market manipulation.

    Upon finding himself to be satisfied with the eclectic experience he had garnered throughout a period of 8 years, he co-founded The Chambers of Arik & Kamal alongside Arik Zakri Dato’ Abdul Kadir.

    Practice Focus
    Kamal’s practice focuses on corporate drafting and litigation - two often distinct areas of the law. He strongly believes that a good litigator makes a better drafter.

    Areas of Practice

    - Contract and debt recovery

    - Negligence and trespass

    - Industrial Relations/Law disputes and employee management

    - Corporate advisory which includes vetting and drafting of agreement(s) inter alia sales and procurement

    - Injunctions and ancillary applications

    - Criminal defence

    - Telecommunications and HSBB

    - Securities offences

    - Administrative and judicial review

    - Estate management – instruments of administration

    - Training and development


    Professional Associations and Memberships 
    Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Kedah Bar - Member 

    High Court of Malaya (2007) 

    International Islamic University Malaysia (LL.B. Hons) (2006)   


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